The Pathway EP

by Hyphon

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released November 23, 2010

All lyrics by Hyphon
Production credits noted track by track



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Hyphon Columbus, Ohio

Hyphon is more Henry David Thoreau than Gucci Mane. More likely to aspire to fill the shoes of Eugene V. Debs than Warren Buffet. Using music to deliver an urgent cry for people to wake to the life that is possible for us all. Hyphon’s music thus takes on a uniqueness not found in both mainstream and independent hip hop. Genuine emotion and passionate delivery make him impossible to ignore. ... more

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Track Name: Have it Back
(Welcome to the end of civilization as you know it. Things are changing now. No one has ever seen this before. you're said to prepare, prepare yourself for a new beginning, prepare yourself for Hyphon, prepare yourself for Brahman Shaman, because it's coming) -Brahman Shaman

Pick up the habit, set it down let it go/ repeat the steps everything drowns in growth/ everyone feels depleted, pounded low/ so it's weather the winter or get found in snow,/ sounds expose what we remove from sight, so even in sunshine it never comes to light/ well, we the people are what we hum and write, until we've done it right, there'll be no light, in our life/ perpetual days work, greet the un-setting sun with an amazed smirk/ reflecting on all the things we made hurt/ or not, repercussions will still surface later/ Kerchifed waiter, service prayer, divine/ surface to air, warships ensnared, benign/ hurts over cares, merchants don't share, surprise/ sarcastic then ironic with their fading dim eyes, shit life/ is what you make of it so I learn like I live forever but play like tonight's my last night/

Because of all the cases that it is/when you have the pigskin make a difference/ in the meantime instant, play cards close to chin and/ make them give up to you in inches/ ignore its efforts to make you flinch kids/ bark provides quite a distance/ to the bite doesn't seem viscious/ looks like a strangle, but just pinches/so take your angle and quick clinch it/ do your work with what your kit is/ like my crew fills mad niches/ armed with energy intent serendipity and a little kismet/ its intense we open hand or fist it/ til it fits in/ world is a kitchen, or pages of fiction/ places of friction/ staging of a misfit, we're generation missing/ the worlds a stage/ it's your play/ open to relate, today is your day/ easy for one to say but the need for pay has dreams frayed/ let's demonstrate it/

We may be in the same spot/ you might be up with AIM bots/ never been cramped in a sane lot/ you view this as a lame plot/ Sometimes I kick it with the Grimm family band/ and he skims and he scams/ get a limb from the man/ turn it to kingdom in hand/ hand it back to the mass/ independent as that/ bending his back, while vending his pack, like trending of rap, plus zen in his grasp/ don't mention the hat, pulled from the rabbit trapped/ I'm past that magic act, staring at magician's cataract/ captured clickety clack/ the theme is have it back, the vision can't be mapped/ like a pictures just that/ a mission to catch, an instant of flash/ put into some glass, definition is that/ is it different at last? Is the distance so vast?/ Is it still that when we've ripped it in half/ there's division in math and the rhythm of staffs/ until we pitted the halves, it's a middle path/ balance yin and yang, need this to imagine that/ I wouldn't trust half, sound like infomercial rabid cat/ but my getting here's not happenstance/ so light from vantage cast an insidious laugh/ at a damaged raft, like grift over stab/ grit over bath, spit soldier last/ good soul first like I said have it back/

Exchange is essential/ you'll gain it in tenfold/when you play with your threshold/ not that pain is a vessel/ it plagues on your mental/ its as frayed as stressed rope/ spent hope, saved your mementos/ to one day display, at your home at the end of a bent road/ whose glow is the way you were sent home/ we all know now, what we knew then it all meant more/

We all know now what we all knew for eternity this all means more
Track Name: Desperate Hope
Sitting on the verge of some serious decisions/ feeling there are both things overwhelming and missing/ from the peak of my life and this civilized existence/ hitting, shifting, balancing and finally tipping/ in beautiful synchronization/ eyes locked with my generation/ in a plea to maintain our station/ and not for the sake of/ where you love to go on vacation/ for every breath you failed to hold sacred/ I hold a belief in you, better hold it in me/ that we are going to make it/ don't have to look to close/ to see elite have poison in the toast/ they hold high to a God/ with an all to separate view of its place in the human host/ before we check to see who knows the most/ its us, lets just/

Hope, when its clouded, light allowed in, we get loud then/
Desperation, its what the cloud is, it has us shrouded, embrace since you can't be without it, take what good it gives you and try to be about it/

Every instant is the beginning of the rest of your life/ lucky I had a mom who said that instead of goodnight/ hoping it hits you right, tonight it is dark/ tomorrow it will be light/ there is always something wrong, but the sun also rises/ so I trust, with these songs, get you to sing along/ feeling strong? then take your last pay stub/ flip it over draw upon whatever inspiration helps you to wake up/ doesn't matter if its made up/ so is everything around us/ one collective invention, where the thought of anything new astounds us/ perpetually paralyzed by pursuit of perfection it drowns us/ keep taking steps in your direction til our failed destinies and beautiful manifestations surround us/

Hope, when its clouded, light allowed in, we get loud then/
Track Name: A head what lies
These are the times/ making lives, waking wise/ but slumbering eyes/ the surprise ahead what lies/

The seasons present a perfect balance/ but my existence over the last years has grown so calloused/ it's a challenge, trying to siege the palace/ that for so long has held my dream/ wedged so tight between day and night, I scream/ for these moments to last all of/ autumn, or at least until the lake is icing/ old mother winter hated by some teams/ sneaks herself in as leaves fall, between sunbeams/ runs me, back in the scene when I had a large bay window/ but no door to close/ funny how the small things are less important now/ this is why I plead for the sun not to go down/ round brown patches/ lasted, til broken by children's laughs and kicks/ putting myself through this joy and not having time to do it feels masochistic/ I guess I can safely say, I know what a past time is kids/

These are the times/ making lives, waking wise/ but slumbering eyes/ the surprise ahead what lies/

She's the type I'd like to ask out after I said hello/ that would give her a chance to spell no, i.e. hell no/ and I'm a good hearted fellow, but sometimes I bellow/ so I play it Mark Twain cool and hide behind this Mellow Yellow, and grimace/ cuz I don't like the flavor or the image, shiftless/ from high fructose corn syrup and carbonic acid/ nor am I a caffeine addict, but those asterisks/ get my social statuses ass kicked, go ahead just ask it/ so this is where growth is, finding out where hope lives/ knocking on its door and asking if you can quote it/ asses and begin to change motives/ like rejecting, the biggest lie we tell our adolescent/ children, is the best time in life is when you're personality building/ because we are unwilling, to make our inner children, not villains/ spilling on the parchment, within the bounds of regretful teenagers hardships/ (I'm in like my mid-twenties)

These are the times/ making lives, waking wise/ but slumbering eyes/ the surprise ahead what lies/
Track Name: Looking Back
time fooled the sane/ patient instinct of my brain/ watched it pass with each grain/ a moment in which I see gain/ but never see again/ I grin, a sad whimsical smile it is/ as the irony slips in/ I can't revel in the mischief/ I feel like a parody/ in therapy/ so a doctor can parrot me/ as I create what I'm there to seek/apparently without the release/ I can barely see/ so I have my regrets/ not for things I've not done yet/ that's a position I accept/ I want more time before the sunset/ only after what I love do I pine/ so I watch the time, go slowly by/ alone it passes no one hears me cry/ Goodbye/ (what a crime)/ stuck inside my own mind/ as each grain grinds my grasp/ I just strain find whats last/ open vein mine not slashed/ so it is plain time runs fast/

I woke up to let this sand/ seep slowly through my hands/ watched it in passing life span/ like regrets of a rich man/
(coulda done more but I never really did)
(coulda done more but fell a victim to time's trick)

Stuck sitting here tonight/ reflecting on a life not lived right/ to think what I didn't do with this might/ no chance for fight or flight, just fright/ stuck in my mind, and the things in my life/ might've stood a test of limited time/ whose life'd they improve besides mine?/ most were real evil and unkind/ so it grinds/ I wish Ida studied harder/ been more disciplined and fucking smarter/ I wish it didn't take a whole life to be a self starter/ third person view of personal hell's martyr/ and as I stare down the things I leave behind/ the possessions scoff as I realize/ if I thought I'd outlive them, I'd be lying/ iron curtian, steel ties, will rise/ as the theater shrugs darker/ for the lit screen I clutch my partner/ Jacob Marley laugh, I get no farther/ at least I hope it gets no harder/

I woke up to let this sand/ seep slowly through my hands/ watched it in passing life span/ like regrets of a rich man/
(coulda done more but I never really did)
(coulda done more but fell a victim to time's trick)

players take the stage, and waste away/
moral stays the same, it takes and pays/
in joy and in pain, new mood same frame/
you hate to crave, lost all we've saved/
house always wins, so I'm cashing in/
before it begins, watching roulette spin/
I master my grin, so it isn't dependent/
on a single thing, I don't have within/

I woke up to let this sand/ seep slowly through my hands/ watched it in passing life span/ like regrets of a rich man/
(coulda done more but I never really did)
(coulda done more but fell a victim to time's trick)

Looking back on a life I know I didn't live right
Track Name: Differing Views
taking a grasp with competence/ finally resting where your honor sits/ persisting while others admonish it/ wading your way, through days/ of demon shit, not even for pay/ a persistence lived mixed with/ a love that makes me see in scales of grey/ area between ourselves as I am naked, walking in the desert of loneliness talking/

To a woman, who is in/ her apartment, insisting/ that the rains just dropping/ making, intricate water paintings/ making, up for it all/ is a great reason to stand tall/ shaking, the threads required to clothe you during this bland ball/ the dress code is more to handle/ than the distance I need to travel/ innermost part of myself is where I match foes/ that is the most persistent battle on this my third/ lap around the world/ and somewhere in the dialogue the woman became a girl/ and as I drank the fog, for my only moisture/ in my log, it never once said bitch/ implications made heads itch/ fled getting hitched, what we had was this/ so lop off limbs of cacti only way to keep this act alive/ I need to persist in asking why/ the world turns and life passes me by/ bare calloused feet, and wind/ and sun worn skin/ as I travel through this journey on repeat/ freed speech, see we've, needed these/ seeds weaved and not even weeds are seen/ but I keep persisting, dropping them with fist in the bag/ just enough missed him/ dead before a seed evolved/ does this describe being involved, or just revolved/ through a door into a room of mirrors/ or a gun to the head making religion seem clearer/ these are realities I have fear with/ I swear my descent from sheer cliffs, is pure myth/ while I imagine your warm home/ I think of the way the wind blows/ the paintings on your windows/ an easel, a mannequin, a planned attack/ these are the advantages/ keep me in mind, your forever in mine/ and the way I project, to where you rest/ is this breeze on my neck/ to your ceramic set/ to us before badness met/
Track Name: Bloom
Why do you refuse to Bloom?
Is it that you're too caught in the music to get lost in the mystic?/ Are you too bogged down in the useless, to feel that, it's intrinsic?/ Or is it a struggle your choosing? you know that's not efficient, self inflicted bruises hit with questions, why do you refuse to bloom?/
Is it all the things your told?/ good girls never act bold?/ another resentment you hold/ another voice to scold/ why do you refuse to bloom?/
did it rain when it should be bright?/ was it day when you needed night?/ was it heavy when you needed light?/ or is this a pile of maybes and mights?/probablies and the shoulda woulda couldas/ just look at all the good its done/ you can never hide under your hood enough, to disguise that you've given up/ the tragedy is that you still live with us/ teach a hindered to tell a story to rivet one/ we build buildings the night before the ribbons cut/ Why do you refuse to bloom?/
life has to be made of more than this/ I suspect thats what the purpose of a prototype is/ but for every thousand shown the light its/ only ten to grab at it with their own mits/ and one of those avoids burns and grows with/ the photosynthesis since in distance they chose it/ at a loss for their motive, brink of death limitations choking,/ why do you refuse to bloom?/
displaced emotions, misguided anger/ frown at friends, chew out strangers/ letting your emotions waiver, waiting for a savior/ why do you refuse to bloom?/
the way you rejected, your own acceptance/ the way you frittered away all that's vested/ you could provide neither piety nor penance oh so apprehensive/ why do you refuse to bloom?/
yourself is not a blame placed, a self loathing shares that same space/ societies cover up is shamegate, a justification of dreams made wait/ so the youth is hastily laid waste, into a sacrificial greyed state/ some cope with drugs, some gain weight/ most left early some stayed late/hypnotized never to change pace, can we break free, sanely vacate?/ Our place at the loom call it a stalemate/ Why do you refuse to bloom?/
So whatever the reason is/ I point to the changing season as/ your chance disregard your queasiness/ make the change that's easiest to show me a new view of bloom/