A Shapely Sign of Things to Come

by Hyphon

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I am starting to write these notes while I still have three songs left to record. Two with Urine, who has heard me flub more lines and do more takes than this project really warranted, and one with Brahman Shaman, who I had a great hour-long conversation with two weeks ago after not seeing each other face-to-face for easily a year, even though we live less than 10 miles apart. This is definitely a lesson I should have learned a few years ago, and a few months ago again; when you have access to the people you care about, utilize it -- you never know when they might get the bug to move, or in some cases, die.

I am also starting to write these notes in an effort to be productive even when I do not feel like it. I quickly tire of rehearsing the same three songs, and writing new work seems fruitless for the time being. Digging up feelings and thoughts about the process of this project serves as a good break from rehearsing and allows me to listen to music to keep me inspired.

The oldest song on this project was started in early 2010, and the most recently created song began in the middle of 2012 -- which means this project reflects almost three years of my life. These three years (plus the reflection and inflection of a fourth) provided a vast array of experiences. Some experiences I wrote out in the moment, as though my living them was directly tied to documenting them, or predicting the future consequences. Other experiences I reflected on for a lot longer, and only through merging them with the other stories obscured them into morals and meaning. Some reflect my rebellious hope for something better, some chronicle snapshots of my life and thoughts through the window of time. All of them are me and not me at once.

I wrote most of these songs individually, with very little expectation of having the body of work tell a story. As the recording process kept intensifying, I started to hear a commonality in these songs that was not originally intended, but may very well be the fulfillment of this project's title (which, at first, was a witty reference to a Refused album that I really liked as well as a tongue-in-cheek joke about the large gap in music releases). As a friend pointed out, my music is of a self-reflective nature, and so it grows with me as I mature. I think this becomes clear as A Shapely Sign of Things to Come explains itself to the listener.

I am lucky to have had great help from producers and musicians in supporting this project. What it lacks in continuity by having one producer lay out the soundscapes, it makes up for in exposure with a diversity of sound reflecting both my musical interests and tastes.

As I reflect on this project I am realizing it is both a sign of things to come as well as something to be departed from. Much like we must leave the comfort of our habitat and our routines to find new experiences in life, I feel like the release of these songs will allow me to venture to new areas of expression. I am no longer the person I was when I wrote most of these songs and my interests and goals in life have changed. If I were to sum the transition in perspective, I think I am finally making the long transition from an Ox carrying the weight of communal responsibility to becoming a Lion more concerned with staking his claim and defending his Pride. I will never abandon the load of the world, and it is likely to weigh on my mind from time to time and be expressed, but I will no longer sacrifice my happiness and forward progression for that weight.


released July 3, 2012

Being grateful is perfect symmetry. It is giving a tip of the hat to all that is responsible for your being. So, though I may miss some people individually, I am very thankful for your place in the Universe and how it has shaped me.

Thank you to my Father for having a book/record store for most of my life, and for having the wisdom to have me spend pre-k days and all my elementary school vacation days digging through the stacks of books and records.

Thank you to my Mother for being a strong woman who was so committed to bettering the world, by bettering yourself, your family and the things you knew you had influence over. You made me look for that in others, as a result, I am surrounded by the movers and the shakers. Thanks for making me go to college.

Thanks to my parents for looking into each other's eyes at the moment of my birth and deciding to name me after Painter/Philosopher/Poet, William Blake. Way to set a high bar, I hope to live up to it.

Thank you to my big sister Skya. I have no closer confidant. I am so lucky to have a sibling who can show me the path through the path of life. I can not wait to celebrate and mourn all life's ups and downs with you.

Thank you to my big sister Christa. I have never been loved so unconditionally. I bet you can still remember how happy it made me when you were dressed up like Wicket the Ewok in the closet on my birthday. I love when you claim me as your little brother in front of everyone

Thank you to my oldest friend Brad. You have known me to be so many different people. I have seen you grow so much as well. I am excited to be old men together and act as each other's personal history books.

Thank you Peter Benda. You are the first person I really fused my music and words with. We had some outlandish dreams back then, but I am happy where all of this has gotten us. I feel proud when I count you amongst my friends. The Prospector and The Bandit.

Thank you Dru La Pointe, few people know me like you do. You have stuck with me through a lot of stuff and I have seen you become a champion of a human being. We are like fun house mirrors, and I am so thankful for what I see in the mirror.

Thank you Justin Schubert. If not for you, might never have gotten here. Thank you for seeing potential in me and honing the skills that were present while not tolerating my ego. You did not let me think I was done if it wasn’t. I have internalized that and now I'm cursed.

Thank you Lucas Dix. I am thankful that distance has not been enough to tame our friendship. I aspire to be like you in so many ways, and I am humbled when you praise me for my insight. You carry the load for a lot of us and do it without seeking praise. You deserve to be praised. You are the Donald Driver.

Thank you Justin Urness. I am so glad our story did not end in March 2009. You have been so patient in recording this project and you make me laugh and feel at ease. I am really psyched to work with you on the live presentation and new songs.

Thank you Lucy Albers. You have been an understanding friend, a priceless connection, a consummate cheerleader, and an informal project manager. This whole thing would be a lot messier than it is without your input. Here's to many more.

Thank you Gavin Theory. You were way ahead of your time. You left too early, but your impact is profound. I will always keep your critical voice in my head. I am thankful for that. I will hold the memory of you dearly.

Thank you Ron, it was good seeing you as you spend most of your time, being a dad. We’ll be best homies forever.

Thank you: LcSlak, OGSMIF, H. P. Hovercraft, Brahman Shaman, Urine, LudacrisSpeed, Charlie Smyrk, Egypto Knuckles, Efftupp, Def Mek, Random Thoughts, Motz, Luke B., th mnmlst, Mirko Iverson, Ben Cook, Dylan, Jason, Deaf Ear Staff, Ken, Erika, Kelly, Megh, Root Note peeps, Bill Stobb, David Krump, Alice Benson, Romeo y Estella, Paula Murphy, Ian Mortensen, G. Harman(call me), Al, Madison Police Department Baseball Card Program, Big-Jess, Jim Auler, Ali, Pete’s Hamburgers (sometimes with, sometimes without), Leo Walton, Ari Herstand, Gareth Becker, Emmy, Ian Lutz, Jesse Dale, Reed Grimm and Shoeless, A-Scratch, Steve from the Warehouse, Lindsey Purl, Natasha Newcomb, CRASHPrez, Jeff Smader, Rem, Jared, Lucy (again), The really nice stewardess who realized her dog died just as we touched down in Houston, E.P., Ben Cameron, Gregory Stanton, J. Ann Koth, Katy Skinner, John Praw Kruse, Nick Bomb, Matt Brown, Rory, Claire Niessen-Derry, John Parr, Nick Shattuck, Alex Spiegel, Brian Beard, Cole Purdy, Libby Hembd,Amy Green, Andrew the Red, Steve Shellito, That person inside of you, yes you, that I have not met but I know is there, Steve Sauer, Abadawn, Zak Kaszynski, Julene Hanson, Trinity Carlson, Joe Orso, Corey Murphy Michael Hessel-Mial, Milky Way, Errol Hemm, 3rd Street Basement Dweller, Ryan King, Baah and Chris Callahan, Kara Duckett for being the first person to pronounce hyphen in my name, Matt Ducket for the photos, Josh Powell, Jason La Course, Kay Mazza, Pearl Street Brewery...

Like I said, I am going to miss some people. Thank you, all of you.



all rights reserved


Hyphon Columbus, Ohio

Hyphon is more Henry David Thoreau than Gucci Mane. More likely to aspire to fill the shoes of Eugene V. Debs than Warren Buffet. Using music to deliver an urgent cry for people to wake to the life that is possible for us all. Hyphon’s music thus takes on a uniqueness not found in both mainstream and independent hip hop. Genuine emotion and passionate delivery make him impossible to ignore. ... more

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Track Name: Never Too Late
Verse 1

I woke up to the sunlit side, of another room

One equipped to hide, from the darker side I viewed

The middle lane attitude, the creative mind, both upon which ride

The gamble, I couldn’t tell so I lay my cards, where my name is spelled

The focus oughta be on where the game is held

But these pioneers kill each other off, as they play for pelts


And I look in your eyes for a new shift to shape

I know or at least I feel I have a bit to wait

Rather be grown fish than one quick to bait

Stay in wait, B-lake, know the fate, it’s never too late

Verse 2

I am the long calm before the storm

Just one more divergence from the norm

The last breath to the warning blown out the horn

I am the first in righteous demands for more

I am justice I know my time will come

I am heard in one note, universally sung

I am the flower stem set into the gun

I am the moment in time in which you lost or won

And begun again, know there is no difference

Between your defeat and simply giving in

The only real defeat is where your persistence ends

So start anew, you’ll find your entrenched with friends

Sleep back to back as sewer drains fill

When we’re all out of love, who remains to kill?

The same soul stained so ill, our hearts pay the bill

I seek peace, hope, truth and love through the way of the will


And I look in your eyes for a new shift to shape

I know or at least I feel I have a bit to wait

Rather be grown fish than one quick to bait

Stay in wait, B-lake, know the fate, it’s never too late

Verse 3

So living this, manifestation of the limitless

I still suffer with my significance

the curtain’s blinking is this your vision it’s

simple, God is a woman, and my Mom she is a witch

Way do I go from here, I solemnly ask

Talk with my peers, make more of it than a college class

I live in a war zone, our privilege to acknowledge it last

Too uncommon to pass, I know they will come down on our ass

Comet to cast, the next great shadow of the last great twinkling

You can feel the battle, but it’s a peripheral inkling

We’ve been conditioned in the shallows, so the puddles reflect our thinking

You can fear or ready the gallows, I will be continuing my tinkering

The sense seems and swings loitering to lingering

In my imagination, a new reality imaging

I’m waiting on the match spark the ignition is

Inviting criticisms and visits

But Still <echo> No one’s listening
Track Name: Traintaker
Listening to the cadence of speech of old men on the train

Yeah, I guess I’m the creative type

wanna be caressing the message into your essence as we lay tonight

Let’s look back in wonder at what we made of life

Similar oratory diatribe to find intertwining thighs, one of the finer guys

with an under ten dollar bottle of wine

and an eye for what I find, it’s glow, it’s shine

did I mention it’s time?

So we giddy up and climb

While the dinner up and fries

been led in a million other times

to a billion other sides

but never back to where singular resides

Grimm Gully Gruff Billy the story line it rides

Been on this train a billion other times

Hyperbole of course, mouth seems it bit the tongue a lot more

As we thought money was figurative, we pitted on the change

literally went in to get it out my brain

So I guess since then, the vision isn’t the same

I’ve been blistered out on the range

Sent to set free and rid my dogs of mange

Like a donkey trying to get us on that carrot game

I say, dare it’s strange, even gives us a lot of angst

My existence is enrollment in the care to train

In the vein that the revolution out it bangs

Sure, we did a lot of things

Aren’t pistols for tucking under wings?

Think of some keeping arms in jars

That kill us all without alarm

Same people built a lot of prison bars

Keeping citizens apart

Gotta get ‘em out the dark

We still play it winner like a mark

Too stuck in our busy lives to gather for dinner by the park

Raising the barn, with Raisin Bran charm

Watching a brother in arms, going back into the war

You can find me, dressed in fatigue army

Raising barns, not just about raising a barn

Sacrifice I admit I did a lot for art

Did it til the inspiration hit me hard

I want my contribution to be large, my resonance to be larger.
Track Name: Write Right
Verse 1

Can you say you’re right for it?

What you dream at night dog?

You live a cream for life, huh?

What you think gave you the right, hoss?

Travel through a light fog, beyond the bite saw

infections off kilter, jig in the straw

and a chicken in every pot, if you like it or not

You sure you want to push those boundaries?

Can you really describe the sights sounding?

Colluding and conniving, brutalized and despised then

crucially divided, in my noodle vibrance confounding

lounging in the get grasp, habitat, munching grass

when they bric-a-brac divide, scatter back guide’s past

is today a night mare, and you sugar coat it ask

is it one more turn for the worse, or a more productive path?

And the life and lust entrapped

with a fluxing math, has me saying “Fuck if I’m not doing that”.

Unscrewing caps of lucid cats til truth’s in grasp, but some bruised in path


It’s that life you live,

you hafta watch your bid

to put it out, you gotta take it in

batton the hatches, button your lip

this ship is nothing but set to sink, write, right.

Verse 2

You shoveling sensory input by the spoonful, well is ya?

Still keep the barriers up to protect the purity, well is ya?

You see past their judgement, you hear that it’s the buzzings of nothing and insecurities

You down to give those chances?

Break those hearts, live through those glasses?

Cross those moats, toss elope, forgot my coat

Now I’m lost from home, on an awkward road

But I snear, “It makes an awesome poem”

Chart the doings, the goings on, of life, the business of

Today, everyday, rush ahead scholar of the self knowing

Still gonna be in need of hand help holding

It’s always in the order, land jet, phone rings

Groaning, I’ve grown some things, emboldening the cold hinge

To squeak, to write, to empower the people to speak

the flock of sheep and to own his each

If there is utopia to build then there’s an equal to keep


It’s that life you live,

you hafta watch your bid

to put it out, you gotta take it in

batton the hatches, button your lip

this ship is nothing but set to sink, write, right.

Verse 3

Wash my hands like a pilot

I’m only here to give you your will, try it

Life seems wait, emerge, try, apply, sit

wait, reject, reject, reject and finally fit

So what philosophy and style you on?

Mine’s post apocolypitc meets Walden Pond

Head to head, better dead, feather bed, meant to be slept on

So when you wake, I’m ahead of my time, preaching at the next dawn

Could you be less far gone? So far, so good

So grandiose, so hood, so speak to me your subtle lies

it let’s me rep the meek in lines, our speech is in time

but I’m not the only one on the showboat who is up to no good

This is why I know you could not, do it even if you think you should

rot the spots, plot escape, a great poet most men do not make

Scotts great, locked frame, spock change, from a lot of pain now your

time’s clocked on the range
Track Name: Double Down or Double Back
Ran tongue down my list of things to do today

Wishing my whole life was hunt and make jewelry

From the bone I just picked the meat off

Look at your iPhone, look at me shocked

jeez scoff, cheese sauce, lean soft, knees knock

been gone, feel off, heed not, speed knots

speech locked, keep glocks, fear God, cheap shot

snear lost, me sawed, three logs, tree dog

Peace out, feed mouth, three clouds, speed down

creeped out, and couldn’t care less how you ride it

deprived is, the type of tummy my eye is

so still it’s bigger fam, my little hand fit inside it

The world collide quick, chew so we divided

Hide it away with each piece of liberty fam

Best to go and get it than wait for the delivery man

I don’t think making you worse off betters my stance

So if I see someone running for it, I’ma lend ‘em my chance

Get ‘em to dance, a reticent cast

I’m better at crafting a meddlesome laugh

Did we dead in the half, met in the lab

saddled with a cramp in the calf, style imagining that

Like what came first, eh, I bet it’ll pass

I chuckle along to the cosmic laugh

Looking at myself through other eyes, wow, I’m tall

Fucking up the meat market, Judas cow, Cattle call

Wishing I could get some closure, that is all

determined but not pre, like G ump Bubba

We flow, from an evil, I call ego, umm robust

Whisper in my ear, inflate it, then scream to come closer

I’ll be fighting for my people’s hunger when luck’s over

Fucked over, sucks sober, life does, misnomer light buzz

Doing what you think is right, does not make it right Dog

Walkers and the talkers can both grow stoney in the dawn

When the feeling to settle down comes on

So do the come ons , Got me in the same tones

saying to your face “Aw, come on!”

(horn break)

Let’s walk this mile, strife is all we got

We will put this, stress, into the pipe again.


Doing what you think is right, is not always good for you

Check door two, floor it through, land of no porridge soup

lumping, spitting chew, kicking like a bumpkin do

Shit rustle a pursuit, living life in fear of the goose step boot

Sacrifice my acceptance for a noose set view

I was never fourteen smoking sherm

Someone else’s story, someone else’s turn

Surrounded by the world, man made I wanna watch it burn

The monster in me yearns, while the God within me learns

Grew up in cars with N.W.A. playing

We still think “fuck the police”, just have more developed ways to say it

Is it that they’re racists? Populace complacent?

Ready for the phase shift, fake it, like you play it, til you make it,


Lost in the city I was born in, just steps from where my porch ends

Now a bay rolls out, a scene I’d learn all about

She’s digging a hole, to let go of a soul

Everyday I thank my Mom for that abortion

So I could slide into this world, and not have to survive off just a portion

Fork it, birds or paths ‘til its done

This is a hundred years of victims killed in floods

some are shunned and we fear the resulting sums

and wonder can we lift up the sun?

Gave you away, wish it were sooner

Manuever groupers, consumer troopers

cupid loosed ya, for my lucid P.U.M.A.

Whose gotta cage, cougar, like you gotta take, humor

rage, spray face, ‘til we lay waste, type to take mate and


Chest puffed, chess pawns, as you face fate,

The only snare you’ve been in’s a trap

The only trap you’ve been in’s an act

Ease the fuck back, stinking like weed in a rucksack

Used to record on the thing inside a Teddy Ruxbin

Now I use it to put up fliers in that place you buy your bus pass in

Sadly I feel I’m looking back on a rushed past

But it’s either double down or double back

There is no other way to touch the path

So I’m aiming where the hubble at, humbled jack, doing his best not to

rub it bad.
Track Name: Cross Train to the Moss Gain (H.P. Hovercraft Edit)
Time really ain’t money

All I do everyday is

Mama’s little muskrat

Tell me where the bus at

cross tracks

candy cigarette jet packed rugrat

moon beam baby, five y-oh

Why I’m known, rolling beedies, and

getting baseball cards from 5-0

climb holes, sedate me

fly low, and graciously

because I don’t know what patience means

If I fake free, where does it take me?

make it, maybe incarceration, maybe

balance struck in wide eyes of justice lady

All I do every day is

Formal courtship will get you nowhere

Only suitable suitor can eat a full hare

Raw, one sitting, hide and all, with gull as fare

just a few symptoms of my lasting despair

pica, rifling dirt and surroundings for roughage (Feel fair?)

You can’t buy yourself time

No matter how hard you try, you can still give a shit

about or to, yourself from grime to slime

Freckles, hollering out, echo, to the geckos

Your uniqueness coffin won’t do you any good

Your dead hands can’t be clasping Henny Wood
Blind politician en utero debating
Track Name: Maven
Verse 1

I flooded your cities, I loosened the locks behind the gates

you snuck in all viewed it

We were the image of transparency, a wish to beat back a nightmare reality

By being something different we forfeited the carefully measured set of rules

Still we got game, still life made choices, we’d known in school, Cool with that?

I still speak a sentence that no one understands, street jargon, in front of the old guard and

eloquent speech in front of the gang bang, we won’t ever be tamed.


So I say child, stay, stay wild

I’ll play a maven on the wing tips of Ravens x2

So I say Mom you’ve known me all along

Trying to be an expert, find me in that next bird x2

Verse 2

When did we stop being of a genuine value to our elders

Was it when they were digging fox holes, to fight against helpless, people just like them?

Or was it in that moment’s enticement

For a nation’s own self agrandizement

I saw the way your grandpa’s eyes bent

and tears choke back over hands I lent

Why vent, why complain, why struggle in vain

Because you, because me, we’re the same

I built this fortress to be so plain

brick by brick and day by day

We are both our shared reasons for being

And our look to the outer for a clearer meaning

We are also our deepest fears seething

We’re hands clasped behind back in greeting


So I say child, stay, stay wild

I’ll play a maven on the wing tips of Ravens x2

So I say Mom you’ve known me all along

Trying to be an expert, find me in that next bird x2

Verse 3

Forefeiture, of a tortured soul

I gave you up, so long ago

Suffer sometimes and have a ways to grow

But I no longer willingly relinquish control

Sit in the hole, or struggle on out of it

My personal revolution my mouth shouts it

Can only be an example, doubt love if

It hurts more than it heals, make no vows to quit

A crow in shroud sits, to watch over us all

Is an incredibly tall order to call

So why would, why would, you choose that at all

When the shoulder of strength will tumble and fall

Learn to crawl, learn to stumble walk on

Forget the socializations you rest upon

This might find me standing next to dawn

but it resonates for you as I’m long, gone.
Track Name: 300 Miles
Verse 1

Topsy Turvy, point of life, got there early,

I thought it worthy, probably won’t be locked til thirty

Remember no top sheet, knock knees,

And your being still got me surely

My mind’s a pimp in the business of tricks

Reclines and sits because the sales is pitched

Hold twine in fists, grown tired still I exist

Kick through the piss and shit, tell my story like I’m the snitch


And I lay to fall asleep another lonely night

I know it’s mostly in my mind

Keep the featured partition in sight

I know the truth will show in time

So we sleep together holding so tight

Because we peel through the rhinds

Known in rhymes, I hold my lines as I die

The wind blows so cold in chimes

Verse 2

I’ve been the man pushing miles

Never had big responsibilities, no home no child

Just filling my goblets with tears crocodile

Heated drunk and seeking that cool kitchen tile

Aisles walked down so I could make you meals

I give freely so you’re left to take can’t steal

I love to share, I share to love, we’re scared to feel

So we make pacts, we pack bowls, carry conceal

That rubber cement holds us to come apart

meant, I stay, do my art, you go do your part

We walked and took a talk by lake park

It’s a few more stitches for me, but you’re really going to break my Mom’s heart

Tough call Blake, she said to my stalled fate

I remember her mutter something about Gallway

She dipped, left a note on the fridge, salutation read “love always”

What a trip, I guess I’ll most miss, the sound of her steps, coming down hallways


And I lay to fall asleep another lonely night

I know it’s mostly in my mind

Keep the featured partition in sight

I know the truth will show in time

So we sleep together holding so tight

Because we peel through the rhinds

Known in rhymes, I hold my lines as I die

The wind blows so cold in chimes

Verse 3

I hear there’s a smoke stack looming in the distance

We hold hands tight, planning to cruise until we’ve missed it

Maybe let ourselves build something new out of the rivets

Give our bodies to science, nice for the applied love

Knew you cared about me and then paired up

Still this highway will not spared us

Guess we aren’t that scared, huh?

Guess we might not care, huh?

Maybe too much as our eyes well up

Try to understand each other still seldom

Do we get the Ouija board bouncing without the devil love

Horns poke to horny, mad never got your voice treble up

Choice level grub, with a moist beveled mug, chose death separate

At a distance I didn’t care to mention, knowing it’s better then

Not the comparative, but the time passage, growing immune to arsenic (princess bride)


And I lay to fall asleep another lonely night

I know it’s mostly in my mind

Keep the featured partition in sight

I know the truth will show in time

So we sleep together holding so tight

Because we peel through the rhinds

Known in rhymes, I hold my lines as I die

The wind blows so cold in chimes

Verse 4

Hey look, there’s your eyes boring through me

Speak like, we’re from different foreign movies

Stay hooked, off the chore list like you do me

We light, the way in our adventure for the viewing

This is my eulogy to the kid I could have been

Eat myself from the inside like only a cannibal can

gaunt face, dark eyes, I’ve always been mad lean

Logic over instinct, I try to beat back the animal plans

Travelling Man, using Defense Mechanisms agaisnt the 300 miles

Calvary can’t, show me much I haven’t seen in the hunter’s smile

Adaptation, I’m all three in one, so I face my own Columbo guile

I fumble through my logic for traces of you

Like the changing nature of a case when it’s viewed

I’m that film director long plot making you choose

Do you watch the train slowly wreck or courageously move?


And I lay to fall asleep another lonely night

I know it’s mostly in my mind

Keep the featured partition in sight

I know the truth will show in time
Track Name: Call You Home
It goes... Catalina, Arcata, Florence, Amsterdam, Rome

Mumbai, Dehli, Guatemala, London hole, I call you home

La Crosse, Morris, Minneap, SF, Madison St. Louis

Bus, train, plane, cargo van go!


You should lay with me

(I gotta go)

You won’t ever find me

(I dig that hole)

Bat cave entrance flying

(You gotta know)

The path and the timing

(Lost long ago) x2


Sandbags, the same weight as statues

hang flags, a game I will surpass you

slash through, lattitude, my mind masters that

flack in pack only on my back for naps

Mice still on that track you

Were old before souls, closing no doors

So the aged enter new bodies, fill new holes

trying to wake dormant spirits, water so cold

travel to find an example, live as shown


You should lay with me

(I gotta go)

You won’t ever find me

(I dig that hole)

Bat cave entrance flying

(You gotta know)

The path and the timing

(Lost long ago) x2


And I’ve always felt that grip

since cinge liquid to existence

as if I ever believed in it

But still the ring finger burning something mischievous

mission, slip a disc in, for the discussion mixture

In this scene I’m such a fixture

rolling in your face til this instant dispersed

to relay to a time prior to scripture, mind will eclipse ya

not sure my allegiance, where I fall in 15 yet

Sip lean, get wet, not in this set yet

Still Mom’s alert on some fret fret

stress head, trial vets, but Mom, this isn’t that

Mind shiek palace, which I feed calloused

just to keep balance, color seek pallete

with a desire to seem famished, turn to a green planet

love to those that been at it, some of my movements seem frantic

G-dammit, I took this plane, let’s see if I can land it

What was I handed? how did I handle?

A bunch of chances, kept ‘em lit like a candle

One two advances, Arson to vandal

Hopeless romantic, flames I fan those

Scoping the loathing panic, on the double zero channel


You should lay with me

(I gotta go)

You won’t ever find me

(I dig that hole)

Bat cave entrance flying

(You gotta know)

The path and the timing

(Lost long ago) x2


Sound is blaring in the mind

found a canary in the mine (dead)

can’t see it’s fairly intertwined

just flush ‘em down with wine (meds)

At it this whole time, right foot left

Never guaranteed where these shoes step

Got a new lesson on how our own view mess

Got no patience for those that “don’t do stress”

I build a nest, that’s best, where I am

If I need to rest, I can sleep, where I stand

Trying to spread my soul across a fettered land

Distributed, history shows I’m a better man

You should lay with me

(I gotta go)

You won’t ever find me

(I dig that hole)

Bat cave entrance flying

(You gotta know)

The path and the timing

(Lost long ago) x2